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Nov 10, 2014

There's so much great music packed into this week's hour!  We hear the debuts of Vince Ray's Loser Machine, Sean Coleman & The Quasars and the Greg Martin Group on our show along with Johnny Cash, Robert Gordon, The Caezars, Rosie Flores, Eddie Cochran, a request for Bo Diddley, new Deke Dickerson & Los Straitjackets and so much more!

Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey


Johnny Cash- "Mean Eyed Cat"

Robert Gordon- "Pretty Girls Everywhere"

Tweed & The Sugardaddies- "Release Me"

Ritchie Valens- "La Bamba"

The Caezars- "You Can Love Me"

Vince Ray's Loser Machine- "My Little Sister's Gotta Motorbike

Johnny Horton- "Cherokee Boogie"

TJ Mayes- "Box Car Star"

Rosie Flores- "Too Much"

Dave Edmunds- "I Knew The Bride"

Bo Diddley- "Mona" 

Nick Curran- "Can't Stop Lovin' You"

Eddie Cochran- "Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie"

Sean Coleman & The Quasars- "I'm A Man"

Deke Dickerson & Los Straitjackets- "Pipeline"

Greg Martin Group- "Groovy Grubworm"

Ricky Nelson- "It's Late"

Chop Tops- "You Can't Win"


Dr. Rubin's Pomade