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Oct 9, 2017

Billy Burnette joins us again this week as we chat about his new album (and book), Crazy Like Me.  We also talk about being in the studio with Roy Orbison recording a song Billy co-wrote, being in Fleetwood Mac, touring with Bob Dylan & John Fogerty and more!


Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey

Intro Music Bed:  Brian Setzer- "Rockabilly Blues"


Billy Burnette- "Hot Rod Hillbilly"

Segment 1

Roy Orbison- "(All I Can Do Is) Dream You"

Segment 2

Fleetwood Mac- "When The Sun Goes Down"

Johnny & Dorsey Burnette- "Warm Love"

Segment 3

John Fogerty- "Looking Out My Back Door" (live with Billy Burnette on guitar)

Segment 4

Shawn Camp & Billy Burnette- "Burnin' Love"

Darrel Higham- "Didn't Start Livin'"

Segment 5

Billy Burnette- "Nothing To Do (And All Night To Do It)

Billy Burnette- "Ghost Town"

Segment 6

Billy Burnette- "Oh Well"

Jerry Lee Lewis- "Honky Tonk Heaven"

Segment 7

Paul Burlison- "Memphis Blues" (with Billy Burnette)

Dorsey Burnette- "Circle Rock"


Outro Music Bed:  The Texans (Johnny & Dorsey Burnette)- "Rockin' Johnny Home"