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Jan 2, 2023

So excited about 2023 and all the new music sent in recently and on the way! We'll start a "good time" song spotlight this year as we look back on some albums celebrating an anniversary! Lots of them are celebrating a 60th anniversary this year including The Challengers- Surfbeat and we'll hear a track from that one. Duane Eddy is in the Green Room segment talking about Forrest Gump. Beth Riley has a great deep track from The Beach Boys in her Surf's Up: Beth's Beach Boys Break and we'll drop a coin in the Jammin' James Jukebox to hear our selection of the week (Chicago and The Beach Boys related). Plus, we've got great rockin' tunes from Martin Cilia, The Arcs, The Ventures, The Hondells, The Screaming Seagulls, Link Wray, The Beatersband, Norby Violano, Retrofofuetes, Dennis Diken with Bell Sound, The Del Roswells, Poolhead and The Salinas!
Intro music bed: "Catch A Wave"- The Beach Boys
Martin Cilia- "On The Beach"
The Ventures- "The Alien"
The Beatersband- "When You Walk In The Room"
Norby Violano- "Shazam"
The Del Roswells- "Set Course For Space (UFO GO!)"
"Good Time" segment:
The Challengers 60th anniversary of Surfbeat!
The Challengers- "Bulldog"
Poolhead- "Shotgun"
The Salinas- "Red Plate"
Surf's Up: Beth's Beach Boys Break:
The Beach Boys- "Loop De Loop (Flip Flop Flyin' In An Aeroplane)"
Follow "Surf's Up: Beth's Beach Boys Break" HERE
The Arcs- "Eyez" (radio edit)
Link Wray- "It Was Elvis"
Dennis Diken with Bell Sound- "The Sun's Gonna Shine In The Morning"
The Screaming Seagulls- "Snow Surfer"
Green Room segment:
Duane Eddy on Forrest Gump
Duane Eddy- "Rebel Rouser"
Jammin' James Jukebox selection of the week:
Peter Cetera- "I Can Feel It" (co-written by Carl Wilson and rhythm guitar, Ricky Fataar on drums)
Retrofoguetes- "Tentacula"
The Hondells- "Speedway"
Outro Music Bed: The Beach Boys- "Shut Down, Part 2"