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May 30, 2016

Duane Eddy joins us for part 2 of our interview recordedat the Musician's Hall Of Fame & Museum in Nashville, TN. We discuss his self-titled Capitol Records album from 1987(with guests such as Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne,John Fogerty, Ry Cooder and others), getting inducted in the Rock& Roll Hall Of Fame, "Rebel Rouser" in Forrest Gump, his latestRoad Trip album, playing on the Elvis Presley 2015 release If I CanDream, recording new material and more!

Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy"Dempsey

Intro music bed- Brian Setzer-"Rockabilly Blues"


Dion& The Belmonts- "I Wonder Why"

ClydeMcPhatter- "A Lover's Question"


Duane Eddy interview

DuaneEddy- "Cannonball"

Segment 1

DuaneEddy- "Rockestra Theme"

DuaneEddy- "The Trembler"

Segment 2

DuaneEddy- "Kickin' Ashpault"

Segment 3

DuaneEddy- "Yep"

Segment 4

DuaneEddy- "Rebel Rouser"

Segment 5

DuaneEddy- "Curveball"

Segment 6

ElvisPresley- "Bridge Over Troubled Water"

Segment 7

CarlPerkins, The Mavericks & Duane Eddy-"Matchbox"


Outro music bed- Duane Eddy-"Primeval"