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Jul 11, 2016

Oliver Baroni & Emanuela Hutter of The Hillbilly Moon Explosion join us for part 1 of our interview on Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour!  We discuss recent shows, video shoots, the effect of touring on their new project- With Monsters And Gods and highlight tunes from the new project.  We'll continue this with part 2 as well.  We also hear a brand NEW track from Darrel Higham and rockers from Eddy Clearwater, Levi Dexter & The Gretsch Brothers, Planet Rockers, Charlie Rich, Matchbox and Charlie Thompson!

Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey


Eddy Clearwater- "Hillbilly Blues"

Levi Dexter & The Gretsch Brothers- "Oakie Boogie"


Hillbilly Moon Explosion interview:

Hillbilly Moon Explosion- "Depression"

Segment 1

Hillbilly Moon Explosion- "Monsters & Gods"

Segment 2

Hillbilly Moon Explosion- "Midnight Blues" (radio edit)

Segment 3

Hillbilly Moon Explosion- "In Space"

Hillbilly Moon Explosion- "Maniac Lover"

Segment 4

Hillbilly Moon Explosion- "Heartbreak Boogie"

Segment 5

Hillbilly Moon Explosion- "Temptation"


Darrel Higham- "Turn Around & Go"

The Planet Rockers- "Billy Thunder"

Charlie Rich- "Whirlwind"

Matchbox- "Rockabilly Rebel"

Charlie Thompson- "Eanie Meanie Baby"


Outro:  Eddie Angel- "Black Widow"