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Apr 9, 2018

San Diego rockabilly roots-rocker Jackslacks co-hosts this week's Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour!  He handpicks tunes from Buzz Campbell, The Beat Farmers, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Paladins, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Johnny Burnette & The Rock N Roll Trio, Dead Engines, Stray Cats, Billy Bacon, Nobody's Business, The Blasters, Cathouse Thumpers and we spin 2 tracks from his latest Earthling Sessions release!  Lots of great stories and music in store for you this hour!!

Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey

Intro Music Bed:  Brian Setzer- "Rockabilly Blues"

Buzz Campbell- "Crazy When She Drinks"

The Beat Farmers- "Lost Weekend"

Jackslacks- "Come Home With Me"

The Paladins- "Let's Buzz"

The Fabulous Thunderbirds- "She's Tuff"

Cathouse Thumpers- "Our Neck Of The Woods"

Jerry Lee Lewis- "Break Up"

The Blasters- "No Other Girl"

Nobody's Business- "If I Didn't"

Carl Perkins- "Matchbox"

Dead Engines- "Lonely Girl"

Stray Cats- "How Long You Wanna Live Anyway"

Billy Bacon- "Toe To Toe"

Jackslacks- "Back In The Mix"

Johnny Burnette & The Rock 'n' Roll Trio- "Rock Billy Boogie"

Outro Music Bed:  The Blasters- "Boneyard"