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Oct 15, 2018

Marcel Riesco stops by the Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour studio.  We chat about Truly Lover Trio, his solo projects, vinyl records sounding better and of course his love for Roy Orbison.  We also hear a snippet of an interview from Roy talking about his Texas childhood.  Marcel also gives requests for an obscure Roy tune and a rocker from Elvis Presley.

Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey

Intro Music Bed: Brian Setzer- "Rockabilly Blues"


Marcel Riesco- "Paper Heart"

Interview segment 1

Marcel Riesco- "Long Time No Love"

Segment 2

Truly Lover Trio- "A Cat Called Domino"

Segment 3

*Roy Orbison- "Loneliness"

Truly Lover Trio- "Little Angel"

Segment 4

Truly Lover Trio- "Candy Kisses"

Segment 5

Roy Orbison on his childhood in TX

Roy Orbison- "Rock House"

Truly Lover Trio- "Thinkin' Of You"

Segment 6

Marcel Riesco- "Borne On The Wind"

Segment 7

Marcel Riesco- "Let's Get Goin'"

Marcel Riesco and Ray Allen & His Band- 

"He Broke Your Heart"

Segment 8

*Elvis Presley- "I Need Your Love Tonight"

Marcel Riesco with The Round-Up Boys- 

"Bear It In Your Heart"


*requests from Marcel


Outro Music Bed: Chuck Berry-

"Brown Eyed Handsome Man"