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May 28, 2014

On the show today, Sonny Burgess (celebrating a birthday today), Dick Dale, Deke Dickerson, Wanda Jackson, Bo Diddley, Molly Sue Gonzalez & The Mean, Mean Men and much more!

Intro music bed- Link Wray- "Jack The Ripper"

Voice over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey


Dick Dale- "Ring Of Fire"

Eddie Cochran- "C'mon Everybody"


Music bed- The Ventures- "Rebel Rouser"


Molly Sue Gonzalez & The Mean, Mean Men- "Bad Example"

Bo Diddley- "You Don't Love Me"

Buddy & Julie Miller- "Gasoline & Matches"


Music bed- The Rockats- "Kitten With A Whip"


Buddy Holly- "Brown Eyed Handsome Man"

Imelda May- "Wild Woman"

The Fabulous Thunderbirds- "Can't Tear It Up Enuff"


Clarence Clemons- "Peter Gunn Theme"

Sonny Burgess- "Itchy"


Music bed- Joel Paterson- "Twin Guitar Shuffle"

Dr. Rubins Pomade


Billy Lee Riley- "Pearly Lee"

Deke Dickerson- "Little Innocent"

Dale Hawkins- "Little Pig"


Music bed- Marco Di Maggio- "Silver Moon"


Ike Turner & His Kings Of Rhythm (feat. Jackie Brenston) You've Got To Lose

Robert Gordon :60 Album spot- I'm Coming Home

Everly Brothers- "High Heel Sneakers"

Tammy Lynne & Myles High- "Good Rockin' Tonight"


Stray Cats- "Double Talkin' Baby"

Wanda Jackson- "Funnel Of Love"


Music bed- Glen Campbell- "12 String Special"


Roy Orbison- "Rockhouse"

Roy Orbison- "You're My Baby"


Outro music bed- Eddie Angel- "Roughshod"