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Mar 8, 2014

Our new podcast extension of is here!  

Intro music- Link Wray- "Jack The Ripper"
Elvis Presley- "Jailhouse Rock"
Robert Gordon- "Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die"
The Beach Boys- "I Get Around" (mono mix)
Music bed- Dick Dale- "Misirlou"
Johnny Burnette & The Rock & Roll Trio- "Rock Billy Boogie"
The Everly Brothers- "Muskrat"
Jeff Lynne- "Don't Let Go"
Brian Setzer- "Go Go Godzilla"
Joel Paterson- "King Freddie's Blues"
Music bed- The Beach Boys- "Carl's Big Chance"
The Del Moroccos- "Blue Black Hair"
Barbara Clifford- "Hitting On Nothing"
Sonny Burgess- "Rock On Mars"
Music bed- Link Wray- "Rumble"
John Lee Hooker- "Boom Boom"
brief spoken segment- Howlin' Wolf from "Back Door Man"
Ike & Tina Turner- "Reconsider Baby"
Dion- "My Babe"
Music bed- The Ventures- "Raunchy"
Chris Isaak- "Gone Ridin'"
Eddie Cochran- "Milk Cow Blues"
Dale Hawkins- "Tornado"
Stray Cats- "Sixteen Candles"
Music bed- Kenny Vaughan- "Mysterium"
Love Sculpture- "Wang Dang Doodle"
Dave Edmunds- "Return To Sender"