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Jan 21, 2019

Classics, new tunes, time machine AND the Ameripolitan spotlight are on Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour this time around! We spin NEW tracks from Sarah Vista, Glen Campbell (singing for The King), The Di Maggio Connection, Danny Fisher, Al Dual, classics from Elvis Presley (from the Comeback Special), The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Jerry Lee Lewis, Gene Vincent, George Jones, Dave Alvin, our Ameripolitan Spotlight with Levi Dexter, Tammi Savoy & The Chris Casello Combo, Colton Turner, Deke Dickerson, Two Tons of Steel and we board the Rockabilly N Blues Time Machine for the week ending February 23, 1957 to hear the top 3 played jukebox hits on the Rhythm & Blues chart!!

Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey


Intro Music Bed:  Brian Setzer- "Rockabilly Blues"


Dave Alvin- "Burning In Water Drowning In Flame"

Sarah Vista- "Better Off Never Than Late"

Glen Campbell- "Easy Come Easy Go"

Danny Fisher- "Don't Forbid Me"

Gene Vincent- "Right Now"


Ameripolitan Music Awards Spotlight:

Rockabilly Male nominee: Levi Dexter & The Rockats- "Room To Rock" 

(40th Anniversary)

Rockabilly Group nominee: Colton Turner Band- "A Lot-A-Lovin'"

Musician nominee: Deke Dickerson- "Rockin' Gypsy"

Honky Tonk Group nominee: Two Tons Of Steel- "Count On Me (I'll Let You Down)"

Rockabilly Female nominee: Tammi Savoy & The Chris Casello Combo- "Sweet Baby Of Mine"


Al Dual- "Whiskey A Go-Go"

George Jones & The Jones Boys- "Who Shot Sam" (live 1965)


Rockabilly N Blues Time Machine:

Week ending February 23, 1957 "Most Played In Jukeboxes Rhythm & Blues"

#3 LaVern Baker- "Jim Dandy"

#2 Mickey & Silvia- "Love Is Strange"

#1 Fats Domino- "Blue Monday"


The Di Maggio Connection- "Nowhere Latitude"

The Fabulous Thunderbirds- "Runnin' Shoes"

Elvis Presley- "That's All Right" (from 2nd sit-down performance '68 Comeback Special)

Jerry Lee Lewis- "Hound Dog"


Outro Music Bed: Jerry Lee Lewis- "High School Confidential"