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Aug 5, 2019

On this Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour, we hear an instru-Mental Breakdown (with NEW tunes from Bloodshot Bill and Martin Cilia), a Hey Mr. DJ request segment (with Carlene Carter & Dave Edmunds and Eddie Cochran), Rockabilly N Blues Time Machine (landing at week ending February 7, 1960) and a Five Year Flashback (with Dale Watson from early 2016)!  PLUS, hear NEW tunes from Jesse Dayton (covering The Clash), The Shootouts, Chuck Mead, Howlin' Ric & The Rocketeers, The Bullets, Danny "O" & The Astrotones, Black Moon Boys as well as classics from Elvis Presley and George Jones!!!

Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey

Intro Music Bed: Brian Setzer- "Rockabilly Blues"


Elvis Presley- "Wear My Ring Around Your Neck"

Howlin' Ric & The Rocketeers- "Your Loving Days Are Through"

Chuck Mead- "The Man Who Shook The World"


instru-Mental Breakdown:

Bloodshot Bill- "Peeling"

Martin Cilia- "Marvin Bay"


The Bullets- "Thunderbird"

Danny "O" & The Astrotones- "Drinkin' On A School Night"

Black Moon Boys- "Upside Down"


Hey Mr. DJ request segment:

Carlene Carter with Dave Edmunds- "Baby Ride Easy"

Eddie Cochran- "Three Steps To Heaven"


In Memory (Dexter Tisby of The Penguins passed 5-30-19):

The Penguins- "Earth Angel"


The Shootouts- "If I Could"


Rockabilly N Blues Time Machine (week ending 2-7-1960)

#92 Dorsey Burnette- "Tall Oak Tree"

#81 Chuck Berry- "Let It Rock"

#1 Johnny Preston- "Running Bear"


Five Year Flashback:

Dale Watson on George Jones and Ameripolitan origins

Dale Watson- "Jonesin' For Jones"


George Jones- "Let A LIttle Lovin' Come In"

Jesse Dayton- "Bankrobber"


Outro Music Bed:  Link Wray- "Hotel Loneliness"