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Sep 25, 2017

New tracks hit the playlist this week from Legendary Shack Shakers, Scotty Baker, Joakim Tinderholt, The Hula Girls, Jake Calypso, Danny B. Harvey & Annie Marie Lewis, Carl Bradychok and Darrel Higham.  We also spin 3 tunes that Glen Campbell performed on plus rockers from Gone Hepsville, Levi Dexter, Sparkle Moore, our instru-Mental Breakdown and more!

Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey

Intro Music Bed:  Brian Setzer- "Rockabilly Blues"


Scotty Baker- "Bump Stomps"

Joakim Tinderholt & His Band- "Farmer John"

Glen Campbell (as "Billy Dolton")- "Girls"

Gone Hepsville- "Rockin' Bug"

Danny B. Harvey & Annie Marie Lewis- "Hot Rod Girl"

The Hula Girls- "Hula Hula Bang Bang"

Bloodshot Bill- "Hypnotize"

Marcel Bontempi- "Boss Eyed Cat"

Levi Dexter- "My Little Sister's Gotta Motorbike"

Weldon Rogers & Wanda Wolfe (w/ Glen Campbell on guitar)- "Everybody Wants You"

Carl Bradychok- "Let Yourself Go"

Darrel Higham- "Hank Williams & Me"


instru-Mental Breakdown:

Gee Cees (Glen Campbell)- "Buzz Saw"

The Cadillac Angels- "Have Cadillac Will Travel"


Legendary Shack Shakers- "Curse Of The Cajun Queen"

Sparkle Moore- "Skull & Crossbones"

Carl Perkins- "Baby Bye Bye"

Vince & The Sunboppers- "Rockin' My Way"

Eddie Cochran- "Somethin' Else"


Outro Music Bed:  Vince & The Sunboppers- "Frank's Barber Shop"