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Aug 31, 2015

This week, we get new tracks from Dale Watson, Whitney Rose, Jimmy & The Mustangs and Kevin Gordon!  We also hear great rockers from Brian Setzer, Polecats, Charlie Gracie, Howlin' Wolf, Buck Owens, Carl Perkins, Dave Phillips, Webb Wilder and much more!!


Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey


Charlie Gracie- "Baby Doll"

Legacaster- "Bird Dog"

Jimmy & The Mustangs- "Cherry Bomb"

Brian Setzer- "Red Hot"

Polecats- "Hip Hip Baby"

Dale Watson- "A Day At A Time"

Devil's Daughters- "Lightning's Girl"

Di Maggio Brothers- "King Creole"

Fats Domino- "Wait & See"

Webb Wilder- "Nashville Bum"

Lee Rocker- "Burning Love"

Buck Owens- "I Don't Care (Just As Long As You Love Me)"

Whitney Rose- "My First Rodeo"

Carl Perkins- "Restless"

Dave Phillips- "Love Me"

Howlin' Wolf- "Wang Dang Doodle"

Dick Dale- "Jessie Pearl"

Moonshine Reunion- "Tired Of Drivin'"

Kevin Gordon- "GTO"