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Jul 1, 2019

We spin the TOP 2 songs in our Stray "Cats Countdown" this hour PLUS we hear 2 more NEW tunes from their album, 40.  Slim Jim Phantom talks about Carl Perkins in our Five Year Flashback as well.  We also hear NEW tracks from Nick Lowe, Lucky 757 (with Matt's Blues), Pepita Slappers, McKinley James, Bat! and our instru-Mental Breakdown has the latest from Los Straitjackets and Bloodshot Bill.  Plus, we've got rockers by Dave Edmunds (with Stray Cats), Gene Vincent, Ritchie Valens, Deke Dickerson, John Fogerty and JD McPherson!  

Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey


Intro Music Bed:  Brian Setzer- "Rockabilly Blues"


Lucky 757 (with Matt's Blues)- "Enough To Make A Grown Man Cry"

McKinley James- "On The Run"

Stray Cats- "Three Times The Charm"

Gene Vincent- "Git It"

Dave Edmunds (with Stray Cats)- "The Race Is On"


#2 Stray Cats- "Stray Cat Strut"


JD McPherson- "I Can't Complain"

Bat!- "Villain"


instru-Mental Breakdown:

Los Straitjackets- "The Fishin' Hole"

Bloodshot Bill- "Shark Tank"


Stray Cats- "I've Got Love If You Want It"

John Fogerty- "Blue Ridge Mountain Blues"

Pepita Slappers- "Playing Hard To Get"

Nick Lowe (with Los Straitjackets)- "Raincoat In The River"

Deke Dickerson- "I'm Getting Your Message Baby"


Five Year Flashback:

Slim Jim Phantom on playing with Carl Perkins

Carl Perkins- "Blue Suede Shows" (w/ Slim Jim & Lee Rocker)


#1 Stray Cats- "Rock This Town"


Ritchie Valens- "Framed"


Outro Music Bed: Brian Setzer- "Pickpocket"