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Nov 2, 2015

Webb Wilder joins us in the studio this week to talk about his new album, MISSISSIPPI MoDERNE.  We also discuss Webbfest, opening for Dave & Phil Alvin, the Wilder catalog, Webb Wilder Credo, a Johnny Burnette request and so much more on this week's Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour!


Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey

Webb Wilder- "Lucy Mae Blues"

Segment 1

Webb Wilder- "Lonely Blue Boy"

Segment 2

Segment 3

Webb Wilder- "Rough & Tumble Guy"

Segment 4

Webb Wilder- "I Gotta Move"

Segment 5

Webb Wilder- "Yard Dog"

Segment 6

Webb Wilder- "Who Will The Next Fool Be"

Segment 7

Webb Wilder- "I'm Gonna Get My Baby"

Segment 8

Webb Wilder- "Stones In My Pathway (Intro)"

Segment 9

Webb Wilder- "The Olde Elephant Man"

Segment 10

Johnny Burnette & The Rock N Roll Trio- "Train Kept A Rollin'"

Segment 11

Webb Wilder- "Stones In My Pathway (outro)"