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Aug 16, 2021

We remember Elvis who passed away August 16th, 1977 with a track from the King (from Blue Hawaii celebrating it's 60th anniversary), Johnny Ramone with Danny B. Harvey & Slim Jim Phantom (with a rockin' instrumental) and Dean Z (with a track from Fun In Acapulco).  We also spin the Wheel Of Fun, Fun, Fun to hear some great covers of The Beach Boys by The Grip Weeds (from the new Jem Records tribute to Brian Wilson), The Martian Denny Orchestra and Jan & Dean.  Beth Riley has a great deep track of The Beach Boys in her Surf's Up: Beth's Beach Boys Break and we'll drop a quarter in the Jammin' James Jukebox to hear our selection of the week.  Plus, we've got rockers from Didi Wray (covering Blondie), The Halibuts, The Coffin Daggers, Los Blue Marinos, The Charades, Girl Over Planet, The Metalunas, The Guantanamos, Trevor Lake and The Trashmen!!

Intro music bed: "Catch A Wave"- The Beach Boys
The Halibuts- "Mr. Mysterioso"
The Coffin Daggers- "Black Sand Beach"
Didi Wray- "Sunday Girl"
The Trashmen- "Keep A Knockin'"
Trevor Lake- "At The Beach"
Elvis tribute:
Elvis Presley- "Slicin' Sand" (takes 5, 6, 7)
Johnny Ramone, Danny B. Harvey & Slim Jim Phantom- "Viva Las Vegas"
Dean Z with the Fabulous Blackwood Quartet- "Bossa Nova Baby"
Surf's Up: Beth's Beach Boys Break-
The Beach Boys- "The Surfer Moon"
Follow "Surf's Up: Beth's Beach Boys Break" HERE
The Guantanamos- "Asylum Escape"
The Metalunas- "Jump The Shark"
Girl Over Planet- "Space Snowplow"
Wheel Of Fun, Fun, Fun:
Jan & Dean- "Little Deuce Coupe"
Martian Denny Orchestra- "Warmth Of The Sun"
The Grip Weeds- "You're So Good To Me"
Jammin' James Jukebox selection of the week:
The Ventures- "The 2,000 Pound Bee (parts 1 & 2)
Los Blue Marinos- "Big Mamma"
The Charades- "Surfin' Albatross"
The Kaisers- "Theme From Vengeance"
Outro Music Bed: Eddie Angel- "Deuces Wild"