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Mar 9, 2020

It's our annual Cover Charge Included show featuring cover tunes all hour long!  We'll hear Dylan covers by Greg Townson and Jason & The Scorchers, CCR covers by Elvis Presley, Dallas Moore, Janiva Magness, The Delta Bombers and The Mavericks!  Plus Jesse Dayton covers AC/DC, X covers Jerry Lee Lewis, The Hillbilly Moon Explosion covers Steve Earle, The Cramps cover Carl Perkins, Ryan Glenn Band covers Queen, Fats Domino covers The Beatles and so much more!

Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey

Intro Music Bed: Brian Setzer- "Rockabilly Blues"


The Hillbilly Moon Explosion- "Nothin' But You" 

X- "Breathless"

Ryan Glenn Band- "Another One Bites The Dust"

Jason & The Scorchers- "Absolutely Sweet Marie"

Fats Domino- "Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me & My Monkey"

Elvis Presley- "Proud Mary"

The Mavericks- "Down On The Corner"

The Delta Bombers- "Run Through The Jungle"

Dallas Moore- "Lodi"

Janiva Magness- "Fortunate Son"

Jesse Dayton- "Whole Lotta Rosie"

Restless- "Brown Sugar"

Mike Teardrop Trio- "Mr. Jukebox"


instru-Mental Breakdown:

Los Tiki Phantoms- "Wicked Game"

Greg Townson- "Girl From The North Country"


Cigar Store Indians- "Ring Of Fire"

The Cramps- "Her Love Rubbed Off"


Outro Music Bed: The Ventures- "I Walk The Line"