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Feb 29, 2016

Dion joins us again this week to discuss more tunes from New York Is My Home as well as more 2016 plans.  We also hear rockers from The Paladins, Nikki Hill, The Lincolns, Carl Perkins, Levi Dexter & The Gretsch Brothers and Eddie Cochran!

Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey


The Paladins- "Tore Up"

Nikki Hill- "Scratch Back"


Dion interview

Dion- "Drip Drop"

Segment 1

Dion- "Katie Mae"

Segment 2

Dion- "I Ain't For It"

Dion- "Drive All Night"

Segment 3

Dion- "The Apollo King"

Segment 4

Dion- "Can't Go Back To Memphis"

Segment 5

Dion- "Ride With You

Segment 6

Dion- "The Wanderer"


The Lincolns- "You Never Can Tell"

Carl Perkins- "All Mama's Children"

Levi Dexter & The Gretsch Brothers- "You're My Baby"

Eddie Cochran- "Twenty Flight Rock"