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Sep 28, 2015

We hear 4th our final segment with the great Linda Gail Lewis discussing more of her latest release, Hard Rockin' Woman this week.  Plus, we get the #1 song in our "Killer Countdown" sponsored by Lanark Records as we unveil #5 through #1 of your favorite Jerry Lee Lewis tunes.  We also hear a new track from his long-time guitarist Kenny Lovelace and rockers from The Highjivers, Carl Perkins and Levi Dexter & Magic!

Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey


Linda Gail Lewis interview

Linda Gail Lewis- "Lovin' Up A Storm"

Segment 1

Linda Gail Lewis- "Rockin' My Life Away"

Segment 2

Linda Gail Lewis- "Sure Does Help"

Segment 3

Linda Gail Lewis- "Little Baby Rock"

Segment 4

Linda Gail Lewis- "Battle With The Bottle"

Segment 5

Linda Gail Lewis- "What Can I Do"

Segment 6 

Linda Gail Lewis- "Heartbreak Highway"


Killer Countdown (sponsored by Lanark Records)

*Top 20 listener-voted Jerry Lee Lewis songs 

to celebrate his 80th birthday!

5.  "High School Confidential"

*J.M. Van Eaton birthday greeting

4.  "You Win Again"

*Danny B. Harvey birthday greeting

3.  "Breathless"

*Annie Marie Lewis birthday greeting

2.  "Great Balls Of Fire"

*Linda Gail Lewis birthday greeting

*J.M. Van Eaton discusses playing on the #1 song

1.  listen to the show above to unveil #1 song!!


Kenny Lovelace- "Rockin' Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie Flu"

The Highjivers- "Something's Gotta Shake"

Carl Perkins- "Good Rockin' Tonight"

Levi Dexter & Magic- "16 Chicks"