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Aug 15, 2016

Slim Jim Phantom is our guest for part 1 of our interview this week.  We talk about his new memoir, A Stray Cat Struts, as well as early influences, early days of The Stray Cats, connecting with The Rolling Stones, playing with Carl Perkins and more!  We also hear tunes from Eddie Cochran (appropriately titled "Skinny Jim"), Dennis Herrold, Ronnie Dawson & Crash Gordon!


Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey

Intro music bed:  Brian Setzer- "Rockabilly Blues"


Eddie Cochran- "Skinny Jim"

Dennis Herrold- "Hip Hip Baby"


Slim Jim Phantom interview

Stray Cats- "Rock This Town"

Segment 1

Stray Cats- "Gene & Eddie"

Katmen- "You Can Go Now"

Segment 2

Stray Cats- "Stray Cat Strut"

Elvis Presley (with Slim Jim, Lee Rocker & Danny B. Harvey)- "Baby Let's Play House"

Segment 3

Stray Cats- "Runaway Boys"

Segment 4

Stray Cats- "Baby Blue Eyes"

Segment 5

Carl Perkins- "Blue Suede Shoes"


Ronnie Dawson- "Bobwire Betty"

Crash Gordon- "Lies Lies Lies"


Outro music bed:  Danny B. Harvey- "Hell Cat Stomp"