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Mar 28, 2016

The Cactus Blossoms' Jack Torrey & Page Burkum join us on the show this week to talk early influences, working with JD McPherson on their Red House Records debut- You're Dreaming, touring with Nick Lowe & Los Straitjackets, requests for Carl Perkins & Bo Diddley and lots more! We also hear brand new tunes from Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Frantic Rockers, Veloninos and rockers from Reach Around Rodeo Clowns, Frank Deaton & The Mad Lads, Sandy & The Wild Wombats and Rockpile!


Intro Voice Over- Rob "Cool Daddy" Dempsey

Frantic Rockers- "Satisfy My Soul"

Reach Around Rodeo Clowns- "Boomerang"

Frank Deaton & The Mad Lads- "Don't Let Go"

Veloninos- "Red Diesel Medicine"

Cactus Blossoms interview

Segment 1

Cactus Blossoms- "You're Dreaming"

Segment 2


Cactus Blossoms- "Stoplight Kisses"

Segment 3

Cactus Blossoms- "No More Crying The Blues"

Segment 4

Cactus Blossoms- "Clown Collector"

Segment 5

Cactus Blossoms- "Change Your Ways Or Die"

Segment 6

Cactus Blossoms- "Mississippi"

Segment 7

Carl Perkins- "Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby"

Bo Diddley- "Dearest Darling"

Hillbilly Moon Explosion- "Desperation"

Sandy & The Wild Wombats- "Wild One"

Rockpile- "Crawling From The Wreckage" (live)